International Seminar on Technological Education

BNCC: Research, Extension and Practices

The situation of social isolation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic made educational institutions resort on a large scale to educational technology tools, such as platforms and virtual environments, to continue teaching and learning processes. 

The event proposes a discussion on the possibilities of using technological tools in the context of pedagogical practices and research practices, based on successful experiences in times of pandemic.

Besides the SIET two more seminars will explore this theme, the VI Research Seminar – Mostratec Júnior and the III International Seminar on Technological Education: Young Researchers.

Activity schedule

Check out the schedule of activities planned for the virtual edition of SIET:

The jobs of the future and the skills of the XNUMXst century

Prof. Dr. Diana Lorena Rubio – Researcher Professor at DGETI - General Directorate of Industrial Technological Education - Mexico

BNCC: research, extension and practices in professional and technological education

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Grabowski – Feevale University

Professional Education and the challenges of the contemporary world

Prof. Dr. Walter Antonio Bazzo – UFSC

BNCC: scientific research as a possibility and life project

Prof. Dr. Maria Augusta Martiarena de Oliveira - IFRS - Campus Osório

Research Practice as a way to develop BNCC's General Competencies

Prof. Dr. Fábio CR Mendes - IFSUL, Gravataí Campus

Experience reports in scientific research - approaches with BNCC

Borges Morgenstern Nícolas, Gabriel Valim Serpa Nícolas, Vinícius da Cruz Dias, Paula Caum, Márcia Cunha dos Santos - FETLSVC

Virtual Science Fairs: reports from organizing teams

Thematic table with the Municipal Education Departments of Novo Hamburgo, São Leopoldo and Nova Hartz

Digital Technologies and the practice of research at school

Workshop with Ma. Vívian Lisbôa – Liberato Foundation/ Leader of the Google Educators Group - GEG Novo Hamburgo

Faced with technological development and the new directions in the world of work, what skills and abilities are needed in these times.

Rosele Botello Coelho - Braskem Company

Learning based on projects in Technological Education students applying STEAM techniques

Prof. Special Arturo Contreras Trujillo – Researcher Professor at DGETI – Dirección General de Educación Tecnológica Industrial - Mexico