The International Distance Robotics Competition – CIRDI – will take place together with MOSTRATEC – International Exhibition of Science and Technology and integrated events.

CIRDI is the result of a partnership between EJR Educational Robotics and the Liberato Foundation Robotics Team and will be the first distance competition in an innovative way, allowing participants from anywhere in the world to be able to remotely compete with real robots in arenas spread across South America. This will allow students to develop teamwork, perfect the concepts of programming logic and interact with people from schools in unimaginable places, without leaving their home!

It will also be a time dedicated to discussions about the current scenario and dissemination of knowledge in order to encourage Educational Robotics and Maker Culture. This year the Competition will take place with Brazilian selectives that qualify for the most advanced stages of CIRDI.

All people aged eight and over can participate in the event, just form your team and come and compete with us!


Check out the activities planned for this year in the virtual edition of Robotics:


International Distance Robotics Championship

Registration: 08/10/21 to 20/10/21
26/10/21 08:00 – Group Phase Adult Category
26/10/21 13:30 – Elimination Round Category Adult
27/10/21 08:00 – Group Phase Elementary Category
27/10/21 13:30 – Elimination Phase Elementary Category
28/10/21 - Demonstrations and free games with face-to-face control