Through Mostratec Virtual, the finalist will be able to receive accreditations for the following fairs (events may be added to the list according to new agreements signed):


  • FEBIC – Brazilian Scientific Initiation Fair
  • INFOMATRIX BRAZIL - International Informatics Project Competition
  • FEMIC – Minas Gerais Scientific Initiation Fair
  • FETEC-MS – Mato Grosso do Sul Technologies, Engineering and Sciences Fair
  • FENECIT – Northeastern Science and Technology Fair
  • FENADANTE – Dante Alighieri National Science and Technology Fair
  • MOCICA – Cariri Science Exhibition
  • MOCICULT – Scientific and Cultural Exhibition
  • FEBRACE – Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair
  • FICP – Pontal do Triângulo Mineiro Scientific Initiation Fair

International transactions

  • INFOMATRIX LATINOAMERICA – International Informatics Project Competition – Mexico
  • ATAST IFEST² – Association Tunisienne pour l'Avenir des Sciences et Technologie – International Festival of Engineering Science and Technology – Tunisia
  • Regeneron ISEF – International Science and Engineering Fair – USA
  • BUCA IMSEF – International Music Science Energy Engineering Fair – Turkey
  • INESPO – International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad – Netherlands
  • FAST – Federazione Delle Associazioni Scientifiche and Tecniche – Italy
  • Broadcom MASTERS International – USA
  • Indonesia International Applied Science Project Olympiad – Indonesia
  • LIYSF – London International Youth Science Forum – London

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